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As a labor doula, I can assist you and your partner through the prenatal, labor, and birth stages. Depending on when you hire me, we will have 2 to 3 prenatal meetings discussing your birth plan, your expectations, your birth facility, your partner's role, and much more!


The interview will be the first step in hiring me. You can call, e-mail, text, or message me on social media to get started! We will schedule a time and place to meet up, and you and your partner will ask me any questions you may have about my services, rates, contract, and what birth will be like With a Doula.


PreNatal Appointments

Once you've hired me, we will meet periodically in the months before your birth. Here, we will discuss how I can best support you and your partner during your birth experience. We will go over your birth plan, questions you have, and what you want me to do for you during your birth.


On Call Time

We will discuss my exact on-call time when we go over the contract. While I am on call, you can reach me any time of the day to let me know if you are in labor, how you are progressing, and when you are ready for me to join you!


Labor & After

Once you go into labor, I will join you at the hospital, birth center, or your home, and be by your side through the process. I will stay until the baby has breastfed for the first time. We will meet one last time a few weeks after the baby is born, to discuss how the process went for you.

Let's Work Together

If you would like me to join you in your labor journey, reach out and let's get started!

Contact Me

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